Starting a “healthy” blog

For years I’ve studied and practiced the subject of wellness, and living a healthy, active life.  Endurance sports have played a roll in my life for over 30 years.  I coach Track and Field at a University and I encourage everyone to live a life full of energy, happiness, good sportsmanship, caring for one another, and most of all, caring for oneself. 

It isn’t always easy!  As I’ve gone from decade to decade, I’ve found that my body changes with the years.  Keeping up with those changes and finding what works nutritionally, emotionally, and physically is a big challenge.  One constant has always been activity.  Usually it is running, but I’ve also been a national champion canoe and kayak racer, I’ve competed in hundreds of races including triathlons, marathons, and adventure races.  I’ve hiked up and skied down mountains, I’ve swam in the ocean, the pool, and in lakes, I’ve snowshoed, kayaked, and ice skated.  The one thing I always do, every day, is get outside and be active.  It’s important to who I am and to how I feel.

Another constant in my life is my love of animals.  I majored in animal science in college (go figure, now I coach track and field?) and I love horses, dogs, cats, and every other animal out there.  With that in mind, I don’t eat animals.  For a whole bunch of reasons, I believe that eating a plant based diet is one of the best things we can do for our health, the health of our planet, and the well being of all creatures on this earth.  I am sure I will bog more on THAT topic at a later date.

One of my biggest frustrations is how few people truly do live a healthy life.  I’m not saying everyone has to be an endurance athlete and/or a vegetarian, but lets be real here, the biggest health epidemic facing our society today is obesity.  With statistics showing that two thirds of our population is overweight or obese, it is mind boggling to me how few people seem to care.  I will DEFINITELY be blogging on that topic!

And finally, I have committed to training to qualify and place in my age group at the half-max national triathlon championships.  This is a recent return to triathlon after a fifteen year break in which I focused solely on canoe and kayak racing.  My husband will be training right along side me, and we will be documenting our ups and downs towards achieving our goal.  Training at this level is different when you are age 52 and 57.  We hope that by sharing our experiences, we can help others achieve their own fitness goals and realize that being middle aged does not mean that you have to let go of your goals, or that you have to settle into “old age” gracefully.  I will get older, that is inevitable, but I intend to fight “old age” every step of the way!


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