Running with Friends

Today I went for a run with Julie.   Running is a wonderful way to spend time with people.  Not only does the conversation make the run more pleasant, I think the running often aids the conversation as well.  As a college track coach, there are girls with all sorts of issues and concerns that they want to talk about…. everything from the campus food to classes to boyfriends.  Rarely would they come into my office and open up about these things the way they do while out on a run.  Somehow running together removes the barriers, the longer the run, the more open the girls become.  I love it, and have developed some very lasting friendships with girls that have gone through our program over the last 20 years.

Julie graduated 3 years ago.  When she called and asked if I had time to go for a run, I was thrilled.  I knew the time together would be an opportunity to catch up on her life.  We ran and talked for 77 minutes!  Before we knew it, we were back at the University having caught up on  her upcoming wedding plans, job prospects, marathon goals, and other alumni friends.   It was great, and we made plans to run again next week.  Despite the nearly 30 years of age difference, Julie and I share a true love of being outside, adventuresome, and active.  She’s as excited to hear about my triathlon goals in the 50-54 year age bracket as I am to hear about her hopes of qualifying to run the Boston Marathon.  When people run together, it doesn’t matter what they do for a living, how much money they make, how old or how smart they are.  Running breaks down social walls that might not otherwise be crossed, and in doing so brings people together in a very special way.  Running is a  way to meet new friends, and to reunite with old ones.  Some people go out to lunch or for drinks, some people go for a run!


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