Ken’s Story– Hampton Half Marathon

“Coachee” perspective:

Up early in the hotel room with our stated goal to relax before leaving for the race.
We wrote down our splits for a 1:40 finish time.  A 1:40 pace would be a 7:38 Minute mile pace, which is what we had been training for.
We got down to the race course with plenty of time so we wandered into the registration
area with our foam roller and stretched and rolled our “weak” areas. Anyone our age knows those areas to be the butt and hamstrings .  The weather was getting better by the minute . One last trip to the car to take off jackets and switch to vests. We were ready.

At the start line they announced “pacers”. I had never had a pacer in a race. Heck
I’d never had a coach till I married Coach Kathy. We cozied up to the 7:30 pacer realizing that we would probably stay with him for a few miles, then fall off onto our pace.
We felt great and the pacing group was a nice wind block.
The first mile went by at 7:20. Not a problem, just wrote it off to early mile enthusiasm. The
second mile was again at 7:20. This felt fine now but we both were a bit concerned.

At the water stop, the pacer sprinted ahead to spread the group out. Now we were playing catchup.
I decided to push to catch the group while Kathy decided to settle down her pace a bit.
At around the 6 mile mark the pacer took off with a small group. I stayed back and was spot on a
7:30 pace at 8 miles. I was really thinking I could beat 1:38. But at 9 miles I fell off to an 8:00 pace
and now realized I was holding on just to make my original time. The miles were really feeling hard
and my heart rate was at its racing max. I hung on and did a 1:39:21 . Thanks to my coach who held me to a great training plan. With the half marathon behind us, we are now excited to plan our and begin our training for our half Ironman Triathlon on June 19th. Who says 57 is old!



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