Food Inc… the movie

If you haven’t watched it yet, you should.

As an animal science major who loves animals, I’ve struggled with the idea of eating meat for years.  I was vegetarian for a long time, then decided to try chicken and as long as I didn’t THINK about it as chicken and I didn’t see the bones, that was o.k.  The added protein was probably good for me, it was easier to eat out with friends, and it was “only” chicken.

Who was I kidding?  As I’ve now evolved back into a vegetarian and nearly a vegan, I realize the way we produce our meat animals is absolutely inhumane.  We have come to think that we humans deserve whatever we want, no matter what the cost.  That cost includes 1000s of extra miles for our food to travel (from “farm” to dinner plate) which has increased our carbon foot print.  It also includes the decline in health of our nation.  Obesity has become the #1 cause of death in the US, and this is largely because of the food supply which we, as consumers, have demanded.  We want to eat “cheap” but to also  have everything we could ever desire whenever we want it.    We got it, but the cost is our health.   It has cost many, if not most, farmers their livelihood as the giant food corporations take over.  Watch the movie, a billion dollar company controls EVERYTHING you eat.  While I’m not here to tell anyone else how to live their lives, it is frightening to me that such a company has such control over every single thing that we eat.  And it’s not about health, or about feeding the nation, it’s about money and greed.   The cost includes horrendous treatment of people trying to make an honest living, and it includes cruel treatment of animals which are mass produced as if they have no feelings of pain and suffering.

As more people begin to realize the importance of eating locally grown, organically raised foods, perhaps we can make a change.  It will be well worth the effort both to our planet and to our personal health.

Please watch Food Inc.  As the movie says, “you will never look at dinner the same way”.


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  1. conradvisionquest said

    Food Inc is what made me vegetarian… i, too, wish everyone would watch this movie…

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