Impromptu Time Trial

After a super busy weekend of track coaching and bike riding in New Hampshire, I was gradually and very slowly getting ready to go to work this morning.  I knew I didn’t have to be in early, plus I had no car (my son’s was in the shop so of course he had mine… not sure how that works) and I knew I would have to bike in.  I like biking to work, it’s one of my favorite things, but I had ridden 99 miles in the past two days, plus been in the sun all day coaching our conference championships,  so I was tired.

I was surprised to see rain when I woke up, not terrible, but enough to make the roads really sloppy.  I figured I deserved a morning off and was fiddling around with the meet results and plans for next year when all of a sudden I remembered, “I have a luncheon with the University president in 2 hours!”  Now, I live a minimum of 20 miles from school.  I say minimum because the sane and safe ways to go are more like 25 or 30 miles, but I CAN get there in 20.  I ran up the stairs, threw a skirt, sandals, and blouse in a waterproof bag, stuffed that in my back pack, and jumped on my cyclocross bike (having left my road bike in Ken’s car in New Hampshire).  I know I can get to school in an hour and 9 min. on my road bike, but that is tough work, and the cross bike just isn’t as fast with it’s nobby tires and lower gears.  But I hustled and the more I road, the more I got into the idea of breaking my record.  I took chances in traffic that I normally wouldn’t, I felt like a bike messenger in NYC as I swept through the left hand turns just outside the line of traffic, and cruised by the stopped cars at lights.  I got to the bridge (half way) in 35 minutes, hoped,  in vain, for a tail wind down 218 and hammered through every green light.  My heart monitor showed an average of 167 which is pretty high on a bike, and my final time was 1:07.  Not bad!  Only 18mph, but considering the puddles, the big tires, the head wind, and the traffic, I was happy with it.  All in all, a great workout which I never would have done if I didn’t suddenly realize the importance of getting to work in a hurry!  Best of all, my clothes stayed dry, I had 30 min. to shower and change and the luncheon was delicious.  They even prepared a special baked tofu that looked just like everyone elses chicken cordon bleu.

President Harrison laughed at my story, and all in all, it was a great time.


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  1. Al said

    Love it, Kathy! Its amazing what we can do (and have fun in the process), when our adrenaline is flowing, isn’t it? 🙂

    I bet you’re going to be VERY tired today, though, so my advice? Listen to your body and focus on active recovery and rest! Enjoyed the read! Thanks!

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