Shoveling at the Sanctuary!

March 3, 2011

Today we decided to take a break from the dogs, and spend some time with horses.  We were “allowed” to get up close and personal– shoveling manure out of all the paddocks.  It was actually a great time, and we were entertained with stories of all the rescued horses by our friendly guide, Margaret.

We had a delicious lunch in the sanctuary’s all vegetarian cafeteria.  The view is spectacular, and the food is prepared daily.  An all you can eat buffet is $5!!

After lunch we went to Dog Town, we each walked a couple more dogs and then decided to bring a puppy home for the night.  We selected 8 month old pit named Dyango.   I thought taking him for a nice long hike would be a great idea, and help him to calm down.  We hiked all the way up the Canyon Road, ran back down, circled through the horses and pigs, and after an hour and a half came home.  He still seemed full of energy, so mom took him for a walk around the condo, then we played for an hour, then we went for a run, and now 4 hours later, he is still playing.  Lets hope he sleeps when it’s time to settle down!

March 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to my sister, Mary!  Wouldn’t you like a puppy for your birthday???

The amazing puppy, Dyango made it through the night, no problem.  At about 8:30, his eyelids got heavy and we both went up to bed.  He curled up and was snoring within about 30 seconds.  I woke up a couple of times in the night, but he slept  great!  At 5:30am, we were out for a  pee and poop (Dyango, not me)  After a cup of coffee (for me) and a couple of doggy biscuits (for “D”) we went  for a walk through the neighborhood.  Sadly, we now had to return him to puppy pre-school.  I talked to the handlers and they agreed that we really SHOULD adopt him, and if not, at least bring him home for one more evening.
We helped out up at Deja in “Old Town”.  The dogs aren’t old, but many of them are a little harder to handler, having had some unfortunate experiences before arriving at Best Friends.  Mom and I helped a handler named Kathy:  cleaning, feeding, washing dog dishes, and walking dogs.  It was a gorgeous day and we loved it.

At lunch, we bumped into some new friends from Vancouver, WA.  Soon we were joined by Faith, one of the founders of Best Friends.  She helped answer all sorts of questions and gave me new ideas on how to help with rescue from Connecticut.  Much as I would love to take Dyango home, I know that I can help more dogs right in CT.  There are way too many discarded dogs, and in particular pitbulls.  My plan is “one dog at a time”.  If I can help one dog find a new home, and then move onto the next, that will be a great start.  Meanwhile, I do intend to enjoy one more afternoon and evening with Dyango.

Right after lunch, we returned to “Deja” and took Schreech for an outing.  Schreech is a Hurricane Katrina survivor, and possibly a “lifer” at Best Friends.  He is very people friendly, but not so much with other dogs.  We took him in the car, and then on a hike to the underground lake.

Upon his return we picked up Dyango, and headed to the gift shop.  Dyango and I shopped, and socialized.  He had an encounter with a pig (which he wasn’t too sure about) and then we went back to the condo.  We hiked up into the mountains, and had a great time.  He’s now sound asleep on the couch beside me.  It will be a sad farewell tomorrow, but I hope he finds a home with a person who loves to be outdoors hiking, running, or even mountain biking.  He can do it all!


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