Dyangos Special Day

On our last day at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, we decided to take OUR new “best friend” on an outing.  We had already taken him back to our condo for two overnight stays.  I was struggling to say good-bye to this wonderful puppy, so we decided on one last adventure.  The staff at Puppy Preschool suggested we visit Coral Sand Dunes, a 20 minute drive from the sanctuary.  Dyango was happy to jump back into our car, and was sound asleep within seconds of heading out. 

We arrived to find the biggest beach we’d ever seen… minus the water!  It was spectacular.  Sand dunes, some covered in snow, as far as you could see in any direction.  A ranger stopped by and we asked him where the best place to hike was.  He said that it didn’t matter, there were no trails, you could go wherever you wanted to.  We headed off across the dunes, Mom taking the low route, Dyango and I running up and down some of the dunes.  Dy loved it, he loves to chase, and as we would run down, there was plenty of sand to chase.  We all had fun, Mom and I loved watching him leap and bound after rolling sand.

At one point we came to a very steep snow covered downhill.  I wasn’t sure if I could go down, so I sat for a second, and as I did a large chunk of ice started rolling down the hill.  Dyango bounded after it, and since I was attached to the other end of his leash, I had no choice but to slide behind him.  It was so much fun that we ran up the hill and slid again.  By now, I had a very wet butt, but still insisted that Mom try it, so she took Dyango and had her turn at “sledding” down the dune.


 After 2 hours of hiking, playing, and sliding, it was time to return our pup to the sanctuary.  One last time, we said good-bye before heading off to Las Vegas for our flights home.

What a fantastic week we had!  Fresh air, warm sunshine,exercise, friendly people, time together, and lots and lots of happy animals.  For a full week, I forgot about work and any worries at home, enjoyed time with my mom, and helped out a few homeless animals that happen to live in a gorgeous sanctuary.  It was awesome.

Check out their website


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