50 miles for Haiti

I am running 50 miles to raise money and awareness about the water shortage in Haiti, and to install a water pump for the Haitian orphanage “HELO”

To donate directly to HELO (orphanage in Haiti) please click this link.  For more information, read my blog below!


I love to have a goal.  It has to be challenging enough that I’m not quite sure I can do it, but attainable enough that I also know I can.  I have a passion  (obsession??) for endurance sports, although the Janjiparticular sport can change from year to year.   For many years, my goal has been a faster time in my next canoe race, triathlon, or marathon.  This year, I have decided to set a more global goal, and to raise money for HELO, an orphanage in Haiti.  On September 27, at the Vermont 50, I am going to run 50 miles. In the process, I hope that you will help me to raise funding for access to clean water at HELO.

Access to fresh water– this is something most of us never think twice about.  We can turn on our faucet or buy a bottle of water at any time.  I recently purchased a light weight  hydration vest designed specifically  for running.  I can comfortably carry 80 oz of water, as well as food items and my phone,  50 miles is a long way to run, but there are water stops approximately every 5 miles.  In addition to the water I carry, I will KNOW that I can refill at least once per hour.  This is a luxury that the children of Haiti, and many other countries, may never know.  I hope to embrace this challenge with the same positive outlook, enthusiasm, and happy smiles that you will see on the faces of the children at HELO.  If you are able, I invite you join me in this journey as we “Run for Another” and truly make a difference in the lives of the children at HELO.haiti water 2

Haiti is a country that has been financially devastated for years.  Now an independent republic, Haiti was originally owned by France. Hundreds of thousands of people from Africa were brought in to work as slaves in the sugarcane fields.  In 1804, a slave revolt ended this system and Haiti became the first black led republic in the world.  Unfortunately, the earthquake of 2010 devastated this country which is approximately the size of the state of Maryland.  It is estimated that there are over 1 million orphans in Haiti, 56 of whom live and attend school at HELO.  In the spring of 2015, HELO was able to raise enough money to have their own well put in.  Although it is marvelous to have access to fresh, clean water, the well has a heavy hand pump.  The children, many of whom are under the age of 5, must pump the water by hand and carry it in buckets. Recently, the director at HELO was quoted a price of $3,000 for an electric pump.  I have set this as my goal for the VT 50 mile race.  More info about HELO;  http://www.helohaiti.org

haiti 3

I have chosen to use “Gofundme” to raise money simply because I will have control over where the money is spent. There are many wonderful fund raising organizations that help to provide water to countries such as Haiti, Kenya, and Ethiopia.  Every one of these organizations has a huge impact, but I want to be able to directly see the impact that we make in Haiti.  I plan to travel down this winter, with my family, and we will volunteer at HELO.  I will be able to send pictures and documentation on the progress we are making, and you can be assured that your donations are used to benefit the community.  HELO is a 501c3 organization, and by donating through this link, your contribution will be totally tax deductible.

jamji back

I have also partnered with the following companies whose products I use and endorse.  I encourage you to check out their websites, AND their products!

Janji- a running apparel company in Boston.  For every piece of clothing sold, one year of clean water is donated.  By supporting Janji, you too can “Run for Another”.


Generation UCAN- a sports nutrition drink which will help supply the calories needed to train for and race a 50 mile event.


Crossroads Physical Therapy- without their help, I would not still be running


Fleet Feet West Hartford



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