6 weeks to go!  VT 50 miles, Run for HELO-Haiti

So much to say this week!  Where to start?

First of all-  THANK YOU !!!  We are 33% towards a pump for the children’s well.  $1000 towards my goal of $3000.  Thank you to everyone who has so generously donated and supported me in this.  It is extremely gratifying and exciting.  It will be amazing to see the new pump and the excitement of the children who no longer have to carry buckets.

I know there are many of you who would LIKE to donate and there is still time!  Here is the link.

If you prefer to send a check, make it to:  and mail it to:  HELO, inc.

43 Lake Shore Drive

Middlefield, CT 06455


Please include a note that you are donating in my name towards the waterpump.  We can then include your donation towards our $3,000 goal.  And if you let me know, I can update you with our progress.
I went to a 2 day healthy running clinic in Beverly, MA on Friday and Saturday.  Tons of information.  I haven’t even begun to process it all.  Dr. Mark Cucuzella was the key speaker.  Mark is a physician in West Virginia, he is also a LtCol in the AirForce Reserves, the chief medical consultant for the US Air Force Marathon, owns a running shoe store in Sheperdstown, WV, he has run over 100 marathons ALL UNDER 2:50, many under 2:40, and some under 2:30. He does most of his training barefoot, has two children, is race director for 2 big races, trains an hour a day, and somehow fits fitness and wellness into his life all day long.  Dr. Mark’s goal is to “live long and die fast”.  In other words, he wants to live a healthy, long life, but when it’s over go out quickly.  I think we can all hope for that.  Staying healthy, active, and eating a clean (low sugar, low processed food, careful on the carbs) diet seems to be the way to achieve this goal.  Everyone is different, and none of us know for sure what life has in store, but moving every day, smiling, getting outdoors, and enjoying life are key.   Mark Cucuzella
We got into specifics on diet, balance, mobility, stretching, sleep, running slow to race fast, etc….. I will get into those in future posts when I’ve had some time to study my notes and gather my thoughts.  What works for Dr. Mark might not work for me (at least not 100%) and what works for me, might not work for you, but we have gathered the best information possible.  He summarized a plethora of articles, books, videos, and podcasts. I will try summarize even further in these posts.

Today was a 21 mile, hot, rocky, trail run.  I stayed on my feet which after my falls last week, was my number one goal. I kept my heart rate to an average of 142 which is pretty low for me, and I drank ONLY UCAN.  UCAN works!   By not spiking your blood sugar, and therefore your insulin, UCAN helps you to use fat for fuel.  We all have over 80,000 calories of stored fat.  At approximately 100 calories burned per mile, that is a heck of a lot of miles!  UCAN is also easy on your stomach, causes very little (if any) digestive distress, and it helps to keep your energy high.  The caveat to UCAN is that you shouldn’t combine it with sugary snacks and drinks that many runners feel are the mainstay of their long runs.  Nothing bad will happen if you do, you won’t self combust in a pile of carbohydrate dust, but you also won’t maximize the benefit of UCAN.  I have been using it regularly before my long runs, and I have felt great for 2-3 hours.  Today, I pushed my boundaries.  I drank UCAN before my run- honestly the taste is just o.k.  It doesn’t taste great, but it’s not terrible and lets be honest, we aren’t using it for taste….. this is rocket fuel! .  I drank 1.5 servings 30 minutes before we started.  I had a second dose at one and a half hours.  I had planned a 3rd dose, but in an effort to keep this post short enough to tolerate, lets just say that our coolers got a little misplaced on the route!  Fortunately, I had carried a UCAN bar for emergencies like this, and I ate it around 3 hours.  Other than that, I just drank water.  LOTS of water.  It was hot.  run with cindyI hated this particular trail, and the bugs were atrocious.  We got through it though- not every run can be perfect, and I reached my goal of not falling. Thanks to Cindy for dragging me through!  My energy was fine, I could have run more, but I was so happy to get off that rocky trail and to get some cold water!

If you want to give UCAN a try, here is the website.  Use my code and get a 10% discount.




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