WATER!! It’s hot out….

UCANSo last week I mentioned that I ran out of water on my long run, and “thanks” to the nice stranger who “saved my life” with his hose.  OK. maybe, I wouldn’t have died, but at 90 degrees and about 90 percent humidity, it would have been a very tough last 4 miles to my car and misplaced cooler.

Saint Patrick's day with Nichole

5 months and 60 degrees ago! Same great running friend!

This weekend’s “menu” of running called for back to back long runs.  20 on Saturday, 17 on Sunday.  Despite refueling and rehydrating all afternoon yesterday, I’m not sure I have ever looked forward to a 17 mile run with less enthusiasm and more apprehension.  Thankfully I was meeting up with one of my best running buddies on our favorite trail, and we had a full month worth of gossip to catch up on.  The miles flew by, although that sounds like we were running fast, we weren’t.  The time flew by, and today’s run ended up easier than yesterday’s.   Lessons learned:  you never know how you might feel, you can always do more than you think you can, pick a great running buddy particularly on the hard days, and always have enough water.

Seeing as clean, drinkable water is the whole purpose of my run and this fund raising attempt, just think for a minute about not having access to water.  Please donate to HELO-Haiti if you can!


On another note, my team returns to Eastern CT State University on Wednesday.  Practice begins on Thursday.  We start right off with a short time trial.  Cross Country season requires a base of running miles, if you don’t train in the summer, forget about having a fall season.  This year I have enough kids coming out for the team, that I can enforce that rule.  If they didn’t train, and cannot meet their required times in a two mile (for girls) and three mile (for guys) time trial, they will not be put on the roster.  Womens Cross Country Aug 30They also need to be able to run at least 8 miles, and hopefully Friday isn’t the first time they attempt this.  Why are some of us so motivated to run and others not?  I am surprised every year by those that put in the miles and those that didn’t.  As an NCAA coach, I am not allowed to enforce summer training.  I can strongly suggest and I can encourage, but I can’t make it mandatory.  I shouldn’t have to though, right?  We’re a division III university, running is totally voluntary.  Hopefully you love it enough to find the time to train around jobs, girlfriends/boyfriends, and family commitments.  If you don’t, maybe cross country isn’t the sport for you.

I sound like a hard ass coach, but I’m really not.  I WANT everyone to love running as much as I do.  I want them to realize how much being active, fit, and healthy enriches their lives.  I want them to embrace this lifestyle for a lifetime.  I had an email from one of my former athletes, Kevin, this week.  Kevin is now an officer with his elite running club in Philly, he’s working full time, and he’s running some fantastic times..  14:49 for 5K, 51:10 for 10 miles.  I love that.  I love that through college running,Jonas and Kevin Kevin learned the value of being on a team.  He has taken it to another level, but I have no doubt that he will continue to run his entire life.  He’s coming to Hartford for the half marathon- I can’t wait!  So many alumni running… some casually and with a goal of finishing the race, some more competitive and with a goal of Olympic Trials.  For me, this is the icing on the cake of coaching.  I know I’ve made a difference, and I know these runners will continue to make a difference.  Thanks for the email Kev!!


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