Let the race countdown begin!!

Please donate if you can!!  http://www.gofundme.com/cleanwaterhelo

Vermont 50VT-50 website currently says 13 days 13 hours and 13 minutes until race time.  Huh, just realized it is September 13th!  That is a lot of 13s!!  Although by the time you read this it may no longer be any of those…..

LeadvilleI’m excited- with less than 2 weeks to go, I can’t wait to get to Vermont and start running.  Before that I have “the taper” which is always the hardest part of racing for me.  I have been feeling tired so this will be good- lots of long walks with Maui, a few short runs.  No more long training runs.

Last week we ran the New Haven 20K to get a little race refresher, and see how we stacked up at a “short” 12.4 mile distance.  The last time I ran New Haven, Greg was in a baby jogger.  I started near the front and raced, Ron started in the back with Greg and their race was all about catching Mommy.  They had caught me the year before, and my goal was not to have that happen this year.  One of my favorite running moments, however, was turning onto the last 1/2 mile stretch of road, and with the finish line in my sight, hearing my favorite little voice yell, “Hi Mommy”.  The picture in my mind is even better, as there was Greg in complete baby jogger aero dynamic position (crouched down, leaning forward) and cheering Daddy on as they caught up to me.  It was, as they say, “priceless”.

New Haven

Having not run New Haven in 22 years, I did not remember much about the course, but turning onto that last segment, the memory was as clear as the day it happened.  Running is like that– wonderful running memories have high lighted most of my life!  At age 57, I truly hope that I can run until I’m 90.  My times will continue to get slower, but the camaraderie, friendships, and special moments will always be there.

Speaking of camaraderie, my training and race buddy for Vermont has been battling a hip injury.  Neither of us wanted to “drop down” to the 50K race, but neither of us wanted Christine to be permanently injured either.  So, we made the decision together- we will run 32 miles, not 50.  I could have continued in my quest for a 50  miler, but to me, it was more important to finish what we started together so many months ago.  Sometimes it’s not about the race itself so much as the journey.  I have had a blast training this summer, our long runs together have been awesome, and I want to share the same race experience.  There are plenty of races ahead!  Maybe I can even get Ken to do a 50 miler…. doubtful, but maybe.

More importantly, raising money for Haiti!  I’m more than half way there.  With a current total of $1610 raised, I am only $1390 from my goal.  If you’ve been thinking about donating, please take a moment and click here.  It is quick, easy, and painless!  I appreciate my friends and families support so much, and the children at HELO, inc in Haiti will appreciate it even more.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…..



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