50K– check, $3700 raised– check


After 3 months of preparation, anticipation, and nervously watching the weather, we were treated to a perfect weekend in Vermont.  The race started at a cool 40 degrees, but quickly warmed up to a brilliant bluebird day.  The trails were incredibly well marked, the aid stations were frequent (although I only stopped at one), and the views were amazing.  Combine that with good friends, wonderful pacer (Ken), and a fundraising goal reached, it was TERRIFIC!  Thank you to everyone who contributed in so many ways.  I really couldn’t have asked for any more.

Christine cindy kathy

After dropping Maui at Coach Devito’s house, Ken and I drove to Ascutney where we checked in, shopped the bargains, and met up with Christine and Dave.  Christine had decided (at this point) NOT to race, but was going to run the first 13 miles with me.  Her hip had bothered her since our 32 mile run in early August, and she hadn’t been able to do much long training.  Conversely, I had done tons of long training, and just in the last week, everything seemed to be tightening up and on the edge of breaking down.  We both stayed positive, and decided to just see how things played on Sunday.

me christine after3 miles into the run, Christine felt good and decided to keep going at her own pace.  That was good, because she is a bit faster, and trying to run her pace was already pushing my limit.  My entire left side hurt- foot, calf, glute, back, and neck.  I felt strong though and was moving well, just hoping that I could hold it together for 29 more miles!  My goal was under 6 hours, and at the half way point, I was at 2:45… right around 10 min miles.  I was thrilled, and as I ran into the Greenall aid station where I would see Ken for the first time, I got choked up with emotion.  It meant so much to me to have a good race here after all the donations and positive support.  Ken ran along side me for 100 yards brandishing food, drink, shoes, clean shirt…..  I took a small bottle of UCAN, but didn’t really stop.  I now had 9 miles before I’d see Ken again.  The course was still beautiful, but the mountain bikers (who had started 2 hours before us) were joining our course.  It became quite annoying to have bikes wizzing by on every downhill, and several times I had to get completely off the trail, stop running, and let them through.  My pace began to slow, and I was hurting by the time I saw Ken at 22 miles.  He set a good pace, not only for me, but for several other tired runners that we gradually picked up along the way.  I was determined to break 6 hours, but at somewhere around 24 miles my back started to cramp so badly that I was forced to walk….. alot.    We walked fast, I ate some salt pills, sucked down a sugary gel, drank a little coke at the last aid station, and eventually started to feel better. VT 50 prizes The last 3 miles were mostly downhill and we were able to run again!  5:52.55 was my final time, with over 5,000 feet of climbing. Without the cramping, I might have been 10 minutes faster, but I was thrilled and placed 2nd in my age group.  The fact that the woman who beat me is ONLY 50 helped too!

Chrisinte ended up running the entire way, with just one little bottle of water.  She finished 20 minutes ahead of me and 7 seconds behind 1st in her age group.   Other friends, Carly, Cindy, Nicole, and the entire Janji relay team also had great days on the trails.  A very well organized event, beautiful scenery, and goals accomplished.  This is why I run.

Maui with his new Vermont 50 neckchief:  Maui VT 50



  1. Janit Romayko said

    I knew you would meet your expectations and you even had 8 minutes to spare. And Maui looks so handsome. Glad Ken was able to join you on the trail/roads and you make quite the team!!

    • Thank you Janit!! Hope to see you sometime soon- you are one of my role models. 🙂

  2. Dear coach, I’m looking forward to joining you in one of these..!

    • That would be great Steph! Haiti marathon January 10? Or maybe we can find something in Europe– Switzerland? How about Greece? 🙂

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