Packing for Haiti-  

10 days until we fly to Haiti. We are excited to see the work that all of your donations has done for the children at HELO, inc, excited to meet the children themselves, and excited to tour some of this mountainous, beautiful country.  There will be many pictures forthcoming!   

 This past week we helped to gather and pack various supplies to take with us, and on Saturday we met with Elisabeth Kennedy (one of the founders of HELO). Elisabeth and 4 other team members were organizing and packing medical supplies, toys, toothbrushes, clothing, and gifts o be used by the three homes at HELO (each home houses approximately 20 children and a “house parent”) and for infants in the local hospital.  Ken and I will be staying at HELO for 4 days before heading off on our other Haitian adventures. 

When we planned our trip several months ago, it included running in the Port-Au-Prince marathon on January 10.  I was in contact with the race directors and had collected over 50 pairs of shoes (mostly from Fleet Feet in West Hartford).  Unfortunately the marathon has been cancelled so we are now contacting other organizations in Haiti who would be able to put these shoes to good use.  

In preparation for our 27 mile hike, we wanted one last equipment test.  Yesterday we hiked MUnt Greylock in Massachusetts while testing our packs, poles, and shoe choice.  One thing we learned-  the shoes you choose for 90 degree days should probably not be the ones you wear on a sub-30 degree, icey hike.  After 4 hours,  we returned to the car feeling like foolish newbie hikers with very cold feet!  They will be perfect for Haiti!  

Today we get our travel shots and meds– ouch! 

To everyone who helped raise $3,910, a huge thank you!  If you wanted to donate, but haven’t yet, there is still time and here is the link. 


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