West Highland Way– 96 miles of unbelievable beauty

Wow– that is pretty much all we can say for today.  The weather turned out great, with only one or two showers, and the walking was unbelievably spectacular.  We found that alternating jogging and walking felt better, and so we mixed it up, usually jogging the flats and downhills and walking uphill.  

For anyone that knows Ken, this may not come as a shock, but “yes” we got lost in the first 1/2 mile.  So we did a nice big loop back to Milngavie, despite 16 hours of GPS mapping and planning.  Good thing it was at the beginning before I got tired and maybe just a little grouchy.  Once en route, we made good time, covering about 3.5-4 miles per hour, for a total of 21.7 miles.  Add the 2 or 3 miles to and from the train station lugging our baggage, and we were very happy to get to the Bay Cottage at 4:00!

Here we go– enjoy the trip as much as we did (maybe without the sore feet!)

The path leading out of Milgavie was smooth, easy to navigate, and had lots of friendly walkers/dogs

Holyhocks were among the many pretty wildflowers

About 5 miles into the hike, the path starts to approach some low hills

We crossed in and out of several pastures, walking along with the Highland Cattle and Sheep.  The sheep were quite friendly, and we loved their black spotted faces and legs.  It is lambing season, so there were lots of cute little guys.

At around 12 miles, we went a half mile off the path and into the town of Dryman where many people stop for the first night.  We ate our sandwiches and headed back for what we thought would be 6 easy miles.  NOT…. more like 9 hard miles, but spectacular.  

A secret passageway!

One of the many gates we went through

Our first glimpse of Loch Lemond.  And now the trail gets a little tricky!!

Just after climbing up and over Conic Hill, we dropped down very steeply into the Village of Balmaha where we would be spending the night at the Bay Cottage.  Litzy greeted us with tea, scones, and cookies.  There are several other hikers staying here, but none have arrived yet so we are relaxing, enjoying the hot tub, and planning for tomorrow.  



  1. Emily T Huntington said

    WOW is right!! This is so much fun to follow along…who knew Ken and I would share the tendency for “extra exploration?” LOL What cool looking sheep. The flower is foxglove. Poisonous, so don’t be tempted to chew on it. 😉 Very very inviting path.
    Now, the geek in me wants to know what shoes you are wearing?

  2. Dianne Nelson said

    great job Ken – what is life with out getting lost – lol…my GPS died on my travels and so …out came the road map and I made it ,but took a side trip. great pictures. have fun and love those sheep
    , and I have seen a lot of cattle and babies along my trip.

  3. Linda Abt said

    OMG – I am in love with the countryside. So very pastoral and beautiful. I have to get one of those sheep!!!!

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