Day 4– Bridge of Orchy to Kinlochlevin (22 miles)

Our night in the remodeled sheep stance was not too comfortable, so despite it being a fairly easy day yesterday we didn’t feel super rested.   But we had a nice breakfast, were pleasantly surprised by a sunny weather forecast, and headed on our way.  The walking was not particularly challenging but the terrain was very rocky on what was called an old military road.  We climbed up and over 3 mountain passes, including Glenroe and what is known as the Devil’s Staircase.  It really wasn’t that bad, but the higher peaks did provide some amazing views.  

Between Orchy and Kinlochlevin, there is only one other place to stop for a night (a small bunkhouse attached to a bar) so nearly everyone makes the entire 21 mile journey.  Up until today, there were a few different ways to plan our your overnights, particularly if you wanted to walk for more than the 5 days that we chose.  A lot of people do 6,7, 8, or 9 day walks.  We’ve had some fun conversations with other hikers, many of whom are carrying a lot heavier packs and consequently moving more slowly.  We are feeling lucky to just have our running shoes and hydration packs.  Even thought many parts of the trail aren’t very runnable, we’re able to walk quickly and make good time.  The one thing we REALLY wish we’d brought are our hiking poles.  They were all packed, but as we had to keep each of our bags to 10kg, we took them out at the last minute.  I was ready to buy a pair, but there have not been ANY shops.  Just finding a meal is fortunate.  It is so gorgeous here, but totally isolated.

Today was sunny with no rain!  Another very unusual stroke of luck for Scotland.  There are little bugs called midges, we call them “no see ums”.  They are nasty and bite.  We have also been lucky there, although today was such a gorgeous day that there were a few chasing after us.  As long as we kept moving, we were fine.  

Bridge of Orchy

Very friendly deer at King’s House

Our lunch companions at King’s House

Resourceful kids selling water and candy at the top of Devil’s Staircase

Walking off the top of the world!

We actually saw the sign on our way down, AFTER we climbed the staircase

The river Levin provides water and power to the town

Cool sculpture at the end of our day, village of Kinlochlevin.  Which, BTW, our excitement about being in a “bigger” village was somewhat true– there are TWO pubs that serve food, a convenience store, AND a barbers shop.  Our B and B is much more comfy though.  


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