Last Day of WHW– Kinlochleven to Fort William, 16 miles

Great breakfast- one of the top 2 B and Bs of the trip.  Comfy bed, good sleep.  

POURING down rain.  We expected this, but seeing it did not make us too excited to get out and walk.  Today was the shortest day, but it turned into the hardest day for me mentally.  The route was on an old military road.  When I read that from home, I thought about dirt roads in the Natchaug Forest, or maybe some gravel.  No, this was big softball sized rocks, lots of them, and loose/rolling/ankle twisty/slippery/shitty…  I said a lot worse things than that after awhile too.  My back started to hurt from the slipping, I was cold, and the uphill seemed relentless…. as did the rain.  It was impossible to maintain the pace we’d hoped for, and for the 100th time I reprimanded myself (and Ken) for taking my hiking poles out of our luggage at the last minute.  

Suck it up Buttercup!  Time to put our heads down and get this thing done.  Ken promised me lunch and shopping if I’d just shut up.  

Somewhere around 2 hours in, Ken told me to eat something and offered to take my pack.  I told him both of those ideas sucked and he was stupid.  But around 2 hours and 15 minutes, the terrain changed a little, I DID eat a UCAN bar, and I started to feel better.  We got to a nice gradual downhill, the sun poked out a little (or at least it stopped pouring) and we were able to jog along which also improved my mood.  By 3 hours in, we were laughing and having fun again.  The last 3 miles of the WHW are on a road, most of it a nice dirt road, and all of it downhill.  We jogged down, then made our last turn onto a paved “highway” for the last mile into town.  The mileage on our itinerary was off by 2 miles, which also pissed me off, but I got over it as we walked the final bit through town and sat down next to the statue of the hiker with the tired feet.  I loved that guy, and was so happy to see him that I gave him a big hug.  

The rest of our afternoon was spent finding some lunch, getting our rental car (that was a bit of an ordeal), grocery shopping and checking into our airBnB.  We will stay here for 2 nights and then head on to Inverness for 2 nights, before going to the Isle of Skye.  The view from our apartment is spectacular, although the apartment itself is really weird– it’s empty.  Virtually no furniture, 1 towel for the two of us for 2 nights, and a pretty skimpy bed.  But, it’s home for now- it’s warm, the shower works, and we are happy to be here.


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  1. Dianne Nelson said

    good job slug!

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