Love Inverness!! 

Rainy Day so we didn’t mind the drive from Fort William to Inverness.  We took a detour to Nairn so that we could stick our toes in the North Sea.  The water was cold, but not nearly as cold as the air around us.  We got totally soaked for the 2nd time today!

The first soaking was when we pulled over in the Cairngorms national forest and hiked up a hillside to an old fort.  So random, finding things just because you feel like getting out of the car for a few minutes!  It turned out to be quite spectacular with 360 degree view (probably the purpose of a fort!). 

When we got to our destination in Inverness, I accidentally walked right into some poor woman’s house.  Our apt was #11 View Place, and that’s where I went.  SURPRISE!  #11 View Place lower level is entirely different than street level!

The  apt is awesome though- delightfully decorated, instructions everywhere, treats (small bottles of wine, chocolates, granola bars, clean toothbrushes, etc) everywhere, an entire basket of towels (quite the luxury after the stingy “1 towel for 2 nights and 2 people” guy we had last night.  There’s a view of River Ness, and it’s a 3 minute walk to the Inverness Castle, 5 minutes to town.  We walked through town, did our grocery shopping, and then just relaxed in our beautiful space for the evening.

Friday’s forecast was for rain in the morning, clearing somewhat after noon.  We put off cycling, did some shopping in town, took a walk, and at noon headed to “Ticket to Ride”.  We were outfitted with 2 nice Specialized Cross Bikes.  Assuming we were like most tourists (NOT), the bike guy gave us a map and the usual instructions for an 8 mile ride down the Loch, with a stop for lunch and a brew at the pub.  When we explained that we were looking for a wee bit more, he came up with an idea that turned left at the pub and took us up a 3 mile steep climb.  The view from the top was beautiful- actually we stopped 3 times on the way up, just to take pictures (do not judge the strava segment…. pictures!!!). At the top of a very narrow road, we turned onto an even narrower road and had a 10 mile downhill stretch back to Inverness.  Riding on the left side of the road threw me off, and I rode right off the road twice.  Between that and brake levers that were a half inch longer than my fingers, the wind, and the rain, it was a “chilling” ride down the hill!!   On the way back into town, we found a sign that they must have put up specifically for Ken… see picture below.  

This guy has been watching for Nessie since 2001!

Grave sites from the Commonwealth War

Roads are very narrow, and riding on the left is disconcerting


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