Glasgow in a day!

From the train we Uber’d over to the Glasgow Marriott where we’d used our points to book our last 2 nights.  On Wednesday morning, we enjoyed the familiar white surroundings of all Marriotts, Ken had a free breakfast in the elite lounge, and eventually we headed out for a run along River Clyde.  A nice, flat path and we had a comfortable 8 mile jog.  Next was a “wander”.  We decided to act like “normal” tourists and take our time wandering the streets.  We walked from the hotel through Kelvingrove Park, along the River Kelvin and into the Botanical Gardens.  AMAZING… just when we thought we’d seen all the amazing things Scotland could offer, we were blown away by the magnitude of the gardens which were created in 1817.  From herb gardens, medicinal gardens, rose gardens, Victorian time period gardens, and an indoor greenhouse that is one of the largest in the world.  
We had a terrific lunch at Bread Meat Bread, which surprisingly had lots of vegetarian and GF options.  Then continued our wander until our feet hurt so much that we stopped at a big bookstore to sit and read for awhile.  Fun to see different books that we’d see in the US.  

The hotel offered appetizers and drinks in the lounge and neither of us was up for more walking, so we made do for dinner.  

Thursday was raining, we worked out in the nice hotel gym for an hour, had breakfast and went for a run that hit several tourist sites including the Cathedral and George Square.  An Uber ride to the bus station, an hour bus ride to the airport and here we are again…. right where we stepped off 16 days ago!  What an amazing trip.  It is so hard to imagine all we’ve seen, but also that we’ll likely never return.  We’ve been making lists of the other places we want to see…. Norway, Sweden, Switzerland (again), Mont Blanc, Wales…..   Let the adventures continue!  



  1. Carol Mannen said

    So glad that this trip turned into something so beautiful for you both!. Now, back to reality!

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